This is not an experiment. We have scientific proof that this party is a good time. 

But, of course, you have to be there to test it out for yourself. So adorn your epidermis with some dynamic duds, and come see what makes this parent ecosystem so magnetic. 


The Catalog is Up and Buy-Ins are open for sign ups!

The Buy-In Experiences will be taken down on Friday November 2nd at 4pm. They are sold first come-first served, so make sure you jump on if any are of interest!



The Night's Coursework:  

CHEMISTRY 101: Cocktail hour is from 6-7pm and includes art viewing and a silent auction of Buy-In Experiences.

BIOLOGY 101: A delicious dinner will be followed by a limited auction, including class art projects and our annual fund-a-need initiative. 

PHYSICS 101: The night winds up with dancing until 11pm. Let's see your moves, you rocket scientists you!


Fund a Teacher

If you would like to help fund a ticket for a Valley teacher, please indicate your contribution when you buy tickets. (Don't worry about naming the teacher as part of the ticket.) Thank you!


Donate to the Fund-A-Need!

If you cannot make it to the Auction but would like to contribute to the Fund-A-Need, Valley Science Curriculum, click here!

Event Info

Nov 3, 2018 6:00 PM PDT

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